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S&P CNX Nifty
Country:India Exchange:National Stock Exchange(NSE) Stock Code:NSEI Last Traded on:Wednesday, 8th July,2020 Last Traded Price(LTP):10,694.95Change:-104.70 Change Percentage:-0.97% Open:10,816.50 High:10,847.25 Low:10,677.85 Adjusted Close:10,694.95 Previous Close:10,799.65 Trade Quantity:767,618 52 Weeks High:12,430.50 52 Weeks Low:7,511.10 Daily Volatility:1.14% Yearly Volatility:1.98% Yearly Rate of Return(RoR):-6.99% Rate of Return(RoR) for Chart Selected Period:-7.45%


S&P CNX Nifty
Resistance Level One:10,802.18(107.23) Support Level One:10,632.78(-62.17)
Resistance Level Two:10,909.42(214.47) Support Level Two:10,570.62(-124.33)
Resistance Level Three:10,971.58(276.63) Support Level Three:10,463.38(-231.57)